Public Law Experience


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We work closely with city officials to ensure that the land use and planning regulations and decisions are valid exercises of the city’s police power.

Our attorneys strongly believe that an effective code enforcement program is critical for maintaining the health and safety of the community and ensuring higher property values and prosperous businesses. We strive to ensure land use problems are solved before they arise. We encourage property and business owners and residents to comply with local ordinances without resorting to formal enforcement actions. However, if problems do arise, The Plaza Law Group attorneys will defend our client’s positions with expertise and tenacity in administrative proceedings, civil and criminal courts.


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The Plaza Law Group counsel has represented redevelopment agencies in California on various legal matters, and has assisted cities in the development of land banks, affordable housing, historic property sites, redevelopment of neighborhoods, infrastructure, and development sites, developing transit-oriented development plans to include new units of affordable housing, retail, office and community centers, and improving public open spaces including the reuse of vacant property.

In addition, The Plaza Law Group counsel have successfully defended cities in court as residents sued and lobbied their elected representatives to stop particular developments or projects.


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The Plaza Law's attorneys have experience in all aspects of public contracts including the preparation of design and construction contracts. The Plaza Law Group attorneys also handle litigation involving public works projects, design and construction of power plants, multi-story structures, manufacturing plants, and hospital facilities. We have handled complex business disputes including construction and mechanics’ lien disputes, delay/extra work disputes, defective construction, and insurance coverage. The Plaza Law Group attorneys have significant experience in handling related arbitrations, mediations and trials in both federal and state courts.

The Plaza Law Group attorneys handle bid disputes, bond claims and insurance matters; we assist public agencies in cost recovery associated with repairing defectively designed or constructed public works. The Plaza Law Group also has extensive experience with Federal government contracts and federal representation.


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The Plaza Law Group represents clients in all labor and employment areas, including worker’s compensation and liability. We assist in finding effective and fair solutions to employer-employee conflicts; advise employers on compliance with the numerous complex state and federal labor and employment laws; represent clients in all aspects of labor negotiations, collective bargaining, and labor contract administration and enforcement; assist in the development and implementation of procedures, policies, and agreements related to employment issues; conduct internal investigations in response to labor and employment complaints; facilitate in the resolution of employee claims; represent clients at the collective bargaining table and in matters pending before the Public Employment Relations (PERB); and assist in difficult and high-risk labor and employment situations involving the investigation of employee misconduct, such as sexual harassment, terminations, compliance with non-discrimination statutes, reductions in force, plant/facilities/school closings, and strikes. We also have extensive experience in labor and employment litigation in federal and state courts, administrative and governmental agency proceedings, arbitrations and appeals.